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  • To provide lifetime care for pets whose guardians are no longer capable of doing so, due to old age, illness or death, thereby preventing cruelty, pain and suffering to both pets and guardians.
  • To rescue, shelter and find permanent, loving homes for abused and abandoned animals.
  • To actively promote spay and neutering to reduce pet overpopulation.

IT BEGAN YEARS AGO with catching a single stray dog from the streets and finding it a home. Soon there were more. Things snowballed quickly, with many animals being saved. A caring network was built with different sites found for weekly adoptions. Then, the idea for a permanent sanctuary began to take shape. Now, almost ten years later, Paw Parent Animal Sanctuary has taken an enormous step in giving a safe haven to all pets whose guardians can no longer be there for them. We need your continuing support, as do all animals.

Paw Parent Animal Sanctuary rests on five sprawling acres of beautiful land in the West Antelope Valley, approximately a one-hour convenient drive from Los Angeles.

With the crucial acquisition of money put in trust for your pets, as well as the generous contributions of you, the benefactors, we will build our dream. We are constructing kennels and safeguards for those wide-open spaces where all kids of creatures will enjoy a life in the country. We continue to give hope and find new beginnings that are full of promise.

PAW PARENT ANIMAL SANCTUARY is the brainchild, greatest aspiration and most precious dream of Isabell Csaki. Her vision and enthusiasm have single-handedly drawn a select group of concerned citizens to her cause.

Emigrating from Stuttgart, Germany, to Los Angeles as a young woman, Isabell established herself first as a hairdresser. Later on she became one of Southern California's leading animal rights advocates, with an impossibly long list of needy individuals to foster.

Isabell is greatly concerned about those creatures who are suddenly left homeless with no provisions for the future. The idea for Paw Parent Animal Sanctuary came to her after reading "hundreds of emails on the Internet." Pleas from desperate or dying pet owners were everywhere, seeking last-minute peace of mind and security for their loved ones with no hope to be found.

Until now! Thanks to Isabell, Paw Parent Animal Sanctuary is here. Today, Isabell sends out a message that is both urgent and timely. Make a plan for your pet to ensure his/her future. Join Isabell and all of us in celebration of "Happy Endings...New Beginnings" at Paw Parent Animal Sanctuary.

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men."
- Leonardo da Vinci

     It has been my pleasure to build such a successful animal sanctuary. My heart and soul is poured into each and every endeavor, and progressive implementation to further the care of our animals. It takes a team of dedicated people to keep our animal sanctuary moving forward.


Our thanks to everybody for the support that’s made it all possible!

Isabell Csaki, CEO Founder

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