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What Paw Parent is about

THE FOUNDER OF PAW PARENT Isabell Csaki, along with wonderful helpers, has dedicated her life to saving dogs and cats from shelters, streets and people who can no longer take care of them.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Paw Parent has rescued hundreds of dogs and cats who otherwise would have perished. All of the animals taken in receive the love and attention they deserve, along with necessary veterinary care, including spay/neuter surgeries. Our goal is to find loving forever homes for all of them, but for some that dream doesn’t always come true. Those few are loved and taken care of by us for the rest of their lives.

Through the generosity of individual donors, foundations and businesses, we are able to make a significant difference in the future of the helpless animals we serve. We work tirelessly to raise the funds required to accomplish positive outcomes for them with every dollar given going to directly benefit the lives of animals who are, for whatever reason, abandoned, hopeless and alone. We at Paw Parent are deeply grateful to all who make it possible to accomplish our dream of rescuing innocent lives.

Our History

IT BEGAN YEARS AGO with catching a single stray dog from the streets of Los Angeles and finding it a home. Soon there were more. Things snowballed quickly, with many animals being saved. A caring network was built with different sites found for weekly adoptions. Then, the idea for a permanent sanctuary began to take shape. In 2004 the 5 acre property for Paw Parent was purchased outside of Lancaster.  Since then Paw Parent has grown steadily and houses up to 50 dogs and cats at any given time.
We continue to give hope and find new beginnings that are full of promise for happy endings.

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